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LooLoo's Legacy: some good things we have sold

aa ll sinks.jpg

Vintage bath sinks in marble, earthenware,  cast iron and china are a LooLoo specialty.

aa lltubs.jpg

LooLoo has sold many outstanding bath tubs. Let us know what you are seeking.

ftb 002.jpg

Vintage bath fixtures include, showers, toilets, foot baths, sitz baths, bathroom scales...and more

deco table.jpg

Architectural & Garden

aa lljry.jpg

Art, Silver, & Such

ks 022.jpg

LooLoo customers have bought kitchen & utility sinks made from earthenware, German silver, slate, soapstone, cast iron, wood, and copper. Call us for current availability.

fn 006.jpg

LooLoo Home Goods

acc 011.jpg

LooLoo keeps a good inventory of antique bath accessories such as towel bars, cup and soap holders, loop-overs, bath shelves, bath hooks...and more

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