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The Story of LooLoo

We had a black cat named Lulu, and in 1998 when we decided to build a website around our antique plumbing interest, we named the business after her.

When we went on line, the Domain "" was long gone, but duh!, how about 


Been working great ever since.


LooLoo Is Always Buying

LooLoo Design is always seeking to buy quality antique plumbing items as well as just about anything old and interesting. We buy lighting, rugs, paintings, silver plate, furniture, garden and architectural pieces, jewelry, gold and silver, fabrics, clothing, and even doorknobs.

If something is old and unusual — and has great style — we are strongly interested. We‘ll buy a single item or an entire estate.

We give equal attention to a complete estate, a single item, or a quality collection and we will travel anywhere if opportunities arise.

Call Web at  800-508-0022.  If what you have is not for us, we‘ll try to help you find the right market.

Always Nice to Hear From You!

Contact Us using the form right here on the page.

Call  800-508-0022 anytime to discuss your needs.

Text Jill at 401-935-8085 or

Web at 401-339-5522.


We buy and sell every day.

We are always seeking new projects and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Thanks for submitting!

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